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Highesr cfm case fan

hi, i am trying to find some replacement fans for my coolermaster storm scout case.the fans that came with it arent cooling my system as well as i hoped.i also bought to additional coolermaster scythe r4 fans for the side intake.i dont really care about noise as long as it is not ridiculous.i need 3 120 mm intakes and 1 120 mm and 140 mm exhaust fans.i need advice for the best fans that will move intake and exhaust the most air
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  1. What is going on inside your case?
    The stock Storm Scout fans should be doing an excellent job moving warm air out of your case.
    If you're having some heat issues I'm not sure even adding high performance fans is going to fix the situation.
  2. ^1 WR2

    The root cause of the problem needs to be identified before solutions are considered. Higher capacity fans are always a good idea, but it appears that the CPU/heatsink assembly needs to be examined.

    Start out by re-seating the CPU/heatsink assembly. Then carefully monitor temps with RealTemp or similar programs.
  3. my cpu says 65 - 70 degrees celsius.i was told that was fine but i really feel better if i could get it down between 40 - 50 degrees.i will try reseating the heatsink
  4. What CPU+Cooler is it?
    To cool the CPU down, case fans arn gonna help much, its the cooler.
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    You need a better CPU cooler, I recommend the Noctua NH-D14.

    You said you bought Coolermaster Scythe R4 fans? Did you mean Coolermaster R4's? Those are pretty decent if so, so you are good there.
  6. kamui4697 said:
    i will try reseating the heatsink
    What heatsink are you using?
  7. i am using the stock intel heatsink.and they are coolermaster r4s sorry for the confusion
  8. i have the 1.86 e6300 core 2 duo with intel dg965wh motherboard
  9. Any chance you can return those CM R4 case fans?
    You would have been a lot better off buying an aftermarket CPU cooler instead of the extra case fans.

    But since your motherboard won't allow you to overclock the E6300 I'm just not sure it makes sense to but a cooler.
  10. ^5 +1 what WR2 said.
  11. i bought the extra fans when i first bought the case.thats before i started having the cooling issues.what would be the best cooler for that cpu
  12. As long as you can buy a CPU cooler that will move up into your next build I guess it's OK to grab one. Ideally, you'd want a cooler that would fit a AM3/AM3+ or 1156/1366 upgrade. We don't know enough about the next 1155 motherboard but we can hope the 1156 coolers would fit that as well.

    Your Storm Scout case is a good example of something that will last through a couple upgrade cycles.

    CM Hyper 212+ or CM V6 would be options for you to look at.
  13. I get excellent results with my original Coolermaster Hyper 212 and the price is good.

    Here is a link to a recent Tom's Hardware article with useful information about 10 popular cpu heatsinks:,2535.html

    I know the article states Intel LGA 1156 heatsinks but just about all of them are also compatible with Intel LGA 1366 cpu's

    Here is a link to a very good web site with more useful information about cpu heatsinks that will help you make an informed decision:

    You can use the Google embedded search feature at the web site to find more information about heatsinks for specific cpu sockets.
  14. very helpful info from all .i greatly appreciate it.its nice to know there are good people still willing to help you
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