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My SD card can't take anything on it, or get the existing files on it deleted
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  1. First, make sure the little switch on the card or card reader isn't set to Lock.



    Open a command prompt by typing "cmd" into the run or search box in the start menu.

    type "diskpart"

    type "listvolume"

    type "select volume #" (# = number for bad drive)

    type "attributes disk clear readonly"

    type "exit"


    If that fails, there is always the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool downloadable @ [...] Tool.shtml


    If that fails, Linux may be your only hope.

    1) Download Kubuntu @

    2) download Linux Live USB Creator (Lili) @

    3) Install and run Lili to make a bootable CD / DVD / USB drive

    4) Reboot your computer with this bootable device inserted.
    (You may need to configure BIOS Setup boot device configuration settings. visit the support section of your system manufacturer's website for your system manual)

    5) Open a terminal from the "Start menu" -> Applications -> System -> Konsole

    6) Type: "lsusb" This will tell you where the flash drive is located for the next step

    7) Type "hdparm -r 0 /dev/???" (Replace ??? with what we found out from the previous command. example: /dev/sda1)
    This should physically set the microchip to "read only = false"
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