If my subwoofer has no bass control, will S/C help?


I have a 2.1 speaker system from Logitech, the sub has no bass control.

So for certain music the bass is way too much even for a small sub. It is perfect for those into rap music, though. I tried playing around with the equalizer on WMP but it sounds weird.

I was wondering if I get a sound card like the X-Fi extreme if I will have control over the sub and get a generally better sound output instead of my onboard audio?

Or will it be a waste of money on a 2.1 system?

To note my motherboard has the sound chip from VIA. Speakers are the Z313.

Appreciate any advice, thanks.
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  1. You could look to getting a cheap standalone EQ to reduce the bass that reaches the sub.
  2. Neat, I didn't know about standalone EQ programs. I googled about them and they seem interesting but is it a significant difference than integrated EQ in Windows Media Player?

    Also if you have any recommendations on the top of your head I'd appreciate it. There are so many out there it seems.... I would also need something that is easy to use with preset options, I suck at setting EQ's.

    Thanks for your help.
  3. I'm not talking about a software equalizer. I mean a real equalizer.
  4. Oh.

    You mean something like this?: http://www.samash.com/wcsstore/root/Items/IP_M/MM108XXXX_ip.jpg

    Do you have any example you had in mind?

    These seem to be very expensive. I can get a new better speaker system for the price of these hardware.
  5. then it would be better to get new system

    however if you have windows XP, then you could just use a software EQ with a sound card. if you have vista then dont bother with software EQ.

    edit: or windows 7
  6. Have you tried changing the "Sound Profile"?

    It's something is Control Panel/Sounds or could be software for the sound card. Or it could be in "Themes."

    I'll check my machine at home. What is your S/C? Realtek?
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