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I am a 5th grade teacher in Maryland who recieved a donation of 30 Dell latitude d610 laptops in great condition...except that none of them have harddrives (or power supplies). (Security issues made the donors remove the drives, I have no idea why no power supplies).

However, I can't afford to buy harddrives for the laptops until we have some fund raisers.

I was wondering if anyone knows if I could just boot to Windows XP on the laptops from a network drive instead of buying drives for each machine.

It seems like a great way to save energy and to make them lessor targets for theft. I plan to lock them to each student's desk.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. My tech skills are fairly strong, but if it was too complicated, I would wait.
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  1. In general, boot from LAN seems to be usable for a remote install, but not running a PC, as far as "out of the box" configs.

    There's some other technologies that may work, but I think you need an HD and some kind of OS on the client. Take a look at this thread, and some of the items they reference:

    I bet you could find hard drives for 30-40 each, if you don't need a very large size.
  2. Thank you for your thoughts on this! Very much appreciated.
  3. A cost effective alternative might be to setup the computers to boot to flash drives, some off the shelf versions of Linux work this way.
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