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I've recently built an i7 system using Asus X58 sabertooth mobo and a WD Cav black 640gb connected 2 the sata 6gb marvell controller. I am running BIOS 0802 and Marvell BIOS 1019, my question is how do i update the marvell bios prior to installing win 7? I can update the marvell drivers AFTER installing win 7 but i am still using marvell 1019 BIOS even after updating the marvell drivers. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Don’t update the BIOS unless you have to. Updating the BIOS carries a risk of damaging your motherboard and so should only be carried out if you have to.
    What new features do you expect to get by updating the BIOS?
  2. On all topics i've read about the marvell controllers everyone has the opinion that the latest ones are the most reliable/stable, but i've not come across anyone who owns an X58 Sabertooth that has updated the Marvell 1019 BIOS.
  3. Agreed; unless you're having an instability problem, leave the Marvell BIOS alone.
    There is nothing wrong with updating the MB BIOS from Asus to the latest one to ensure that you have the latest patches, RAM settings, etc, it won't hurt anything, and may help.
    But, just as an example, I have seen neo-geeks say they replaced the BIOS chip and got yippee performance....
    it it ain't broke don't fix it.
  4. Update the controller driver to the latest.... Keep the BIOS as is.
  5. anonymous1 said:
    Update the controller driver to the latest.... Keep the BIOS as is.

    I'm going to be purchasing the new OCZ Vertex 3 SSD soon & i want the most recent Marvell drivers, firmware & BIOS so i can get the best possible performance from my new SSD so i'm hoping you can shed some light on my query.
    1. Should install the Marvell drivers/controllers prior to a Win 7 installation & if so how?
    2. I have the latest Marvell drivers which are & the latest Marvell firmware which is 1000.1701 whats the difference between the 2 & how do i install both?
    3. The firmware has 2 files, 1 is an ISO file (i think this is what i need to use but don't know how) & a floppy.exe file but my X58 Sabertooth has no IDE or floppy drive connector so this file is useless to me?
    4. Is updating/flashing the Marvell firmware the same as updating/flashing the Marvell BIOS?
    By the way, i've flashed my Mobo BIOS to 0802 & the Marvell BIOS are still at 1019.
  6. ok
    1) Windows 7 gets installed first.
    2) Firmware is like the BIOS of the motherboard it is the latest internal software for your SSD, the driver lets windows know how to talk to it.
    3) A ISO file needs to be burned onto a cd/dvd , it will be a dvd that you boot from and it will update your firmware a one time only deal.
    4) Yes
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