Samsung 820 slow max read 350mb write 220mb on 6gb connection HELP

Hi Guys,

My new Samsung 830 tops out about 350mb read, and 220mb write and about 40k / 20k IOps
I have it hooked to a Marve 88SE9128 and version is I think is ....1034

Its plugged into a 6gb port with a 6gb cable, during system boot it shows connected to physical drive 6gb link

Disabled, indexing, prefetch, superfetch, etc..

Can anyone help me boost the speed to expected figures.
Drive is 1 day old. Only windows installed on it.

Please help! :hello:
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  1. Hi MagicHardware,
    a guy with a similar problem was in this thread.
    It seems that your controller is the problem.
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