Broken motherboard??

Hi, here is the story, so my cousin have a year old computer, one day he went to work with his computer left on. So after that every time he tries to boot up his computer, it starts to load the window then it turns to a blue screen and then reboot itself again, and this process repeats it self over and over, so he couldnt boot up his computer. When he tries to reformat his computer with a window disk, the disk wont load (even thought it was set as first boot devices) When he tries to enter the bios of the computer it freezes and wont load anything. The only time he can enter the bios is when he unplug all the power and wait for a while to start up again, but after the first start up it wont go into bios again. He thought that the hard drive might be broken, so i took the hard drive and tried on a different computer. I reformatted the hard drive and it works fine, so i gave it back to him again to see if i can reinstall a window on it. But it still doesnt work, almost same thing happens, i can only get into the bios, when the computer's power is unplugged for some time and the plugged in again. After the first start up from after the power is plugged in, it just just freezes on the first screen which loads the info on the system. It say initializing plug ins, but it just freezes there, it also say press f10 to enter setup, when i press f10 nothing happens as if its frozen. When i was able to get into the bios, something times it says the cd drive, and the hard drive are not found, even though they are plugged in. Also the cpu fan some times dont spin, it kind of like spin for half a second then stop and half second and stop. And some times after unplugging the power for a while and plugging it in, i was able to load the window disc, but after few second of loading, it says there is an error. So that is why i think the motherboard is broken maybe, but i think maybe that it could be the processor??? I need help on this, so tell me what do you guys think.

Thank you

Mike C.
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  1. try a different power supply
    then ram
    you don't say what you've got just that it's old eliminate your ram sticks/slots as culprates

    if the computer loads bios the ram probably works
    sometimes just pulling and resetting the ram will fix a computer
  2. i try pulling the ram and putting it back in, but its still the same.
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