How to support 2 inputs?

I want to know if a tuner card is capable of having 2 inputs. I want to receive OTA HD and Comcast basic or expanded basic. I would like both to go through my HTPC (soon to be built). I am trying to make it so I can switch from OTA to Comcast Cable programatically. I think the Happauge 1600 can support 2 inputs but I don't know all of the digital / analog concerns.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hauppage 1600 and 1800 operates with 2 inputs. For both hardware one input is Analog the other is digital.

    - It should be able to record 2 shows at the same time. You can watch any of the show being recorded. I tested 1600/1800 and it works with Windows Media Center. NOTE: I have not tested 1600/1800 for dual recording at the same time. But technically it should.

    - What i have working is a single input 2250 that records 2 HDTV shows at a time.

    - It can be programmed to switched between comcast and OTAHD. Hauppage HD TV Tuners come with accessories to control satelite box/cable box.

    - I have been using 2250 for > 2 years now. I use Windows Media Center to control card. Cable/Sat schedule is pulled by media center from the interner(You have to configure Media Center). 2250 has only one input while 1600/1800 have separate input for analog and digital feed.

    - In most areas local HD channel is included on the cable service. Cable/Sat companies want additional $5/month for the local channel.
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