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Im getting a computer that has ati HD 5670 crossfire and im looking to get a moniter. I see ppl saying that resolution has alot to do with the fps a game can substain. What would be a good native resolution moniter should i get to be able to play current games. Also lets say a 22" at 1920x1080 resolution holds a game at 40fps would the fps be the same on idetical resolution 34"
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  1. I don't think the FPS would be the same on a monitor of that size, although 34" is an odd size.
    I think you might be limited more by the 5670's, as opposed to something faster. The advantage here would be that double the memory would be better for higher resolutions.
    If i were you I'd look at a monitor in the 25-26 inch range.

    I wouldn't crossfire two of these cards, you could crossfire two hd4850's for the same price.
    Yeah, yeah, I know direct x11...How many directx 11 games you playin?

    Heirarchy chart:
  2. The 22 and 34 monitors will perform the same but the 34 will be blurry and pixelated unless you have it a few feet away from you.

    The 5670 is light for 1920 x 1080....to play DX11 games at that resolution, you'd want at least a 5850 or 470 .... the 5770 is fine for 1650 x 1050.
  3. Depending on the size if the moniter will be positioned according to the size. I just see alot a of moniters no matter size now are 1920x1080. Would be willing to get 38" at that resolutotion if it's gonna perform as well as a 22" or smaller. What kinda room is there to wander from native. Resolution of the 1920x1080 befor picture quality is lost.
  4. What Jack is trying to explain is that for gaming 1920X1080 isn't going to look that great on a monitor 30"+. That's why larger monitors have higher resolutions, to avoid pixelation and blurring. I don't know of any 30" monitors with a 1080P native resolution:


    All of these 30" models on newegg are 2560X1600.
    Perhaps you meant a 28" monitor? Here's a budget model.

    It has nice reviews.

    I find picture quality suffers at any resolution other than what is recommended. For games, I would turn off eye-candies (AA/AF, etc.) before lowering my resolution. On my laptop I lower resolution all the time in games, but they don't look great when I do. They just become playable, meaning 30+ FPS and no stuttering.
  5. By a 34" inch monitor he was probably referring to an 1080p HDTV and yes; a given card will perform identically no matter the screen size. It is the resolution that will matter. The HD5670 is pretty weak for 1920x1080 to be honest. An HD5770 would be pretty good and an HD5850 would be great. The HD5670 is intended for lower resolutions like 1280x1024 and 1440x900.
  6. Thanks everyone i think i was confusing moniters and tvs with everything, i come from a whole lot 360 and ps3 gaming. I have been playing world of warcraft for sometime on a pc that just gets by. Just trying to figure everything out with my new buy. Thanks agian
  7. Well you can connect your computer to an HDTV for gaming and it will look good, better than the consoles(they don't actually operate at 1080p, they usually upscale a 720p image.) Using one as a monitor for general computing isn't really recommended though.
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