I recently upgraded my ram in my laptop (which I got for free). The ram have a 1066 mhz FSB which the motherboard has under clocked to 800 mhz cause it doesn't actually support 1066mh. I want to upgrade the processor to a dual core cause it currently has a celeron 430 in it with a 800 mhz FSB. They only dual core processors I can find in my area (used, cause they don't make them anymore)that are compatible have a 667 mhz FSB. Now my questions are will those processors with a 667 mhz fsb work with my already under clocked (800mhz) 1066 mhz ram and if they do how great is the bottle neck and is it even worth it and should continue looking for a processor with a 800 mhz fsb?
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  1. You can't upgrade the laptop CPU in most of the models. As of the question with the FSB and RAM freq., yes it will work.

    A laptop CPU upgrade is a waste of money imo.
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