I5-750 GTS 250 good combo?

is a GTS 250, i5-750,4gb of ram a good combo? is it like bottleneck less?
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  1. Technically speaking, one component will always bottleneck another, however this is a well balanced system. The main bottleneck in today's system is the HDD, which can be solved by getting an SSD.
  2. yes, i would deffinately buy an SSD afterwards... but for now i just want to upgrade my systems CPU and graphics to play starcraft 2 on max settings
  3. The GTS 250 is the same thing as my 9800GTX+ it is just rebadged and it is getting a little weak at anything over 1440x900 resolution. It is NOT really well balanced. An HD 5770 would be a better choice or best would be a HD 5850 if you can afford it. I can not really recommend Nvidia as Ati has more " bang for your buck" at least right now.

    Also an SSD will do nothing as far as making games play any better. It will only decrease load times.

    The i5 750 with 4GB of RAM is fine though.
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