How many watts does an Asus p6t7 WS SuperComputer use

How many watts does an Asus p6t7 WS supercomputer use?
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  1. depends on what you put in it? cards..expansion card, etc..
  2. Well I will be starting a build in a few hours with a 2600k and twin factory OC'd 560's. I used an 850 watter though could have easily gotten away with a hi quality 750 watter (XFX Black Edition, Corsaie HX or AX, Antec CP or SG, Seasonic X).

    Ya can size for yaself here:
  3. The MOBO itself needs 35~55W.

    Obviously, adding components requires more power. Further, you need to be very careful calculating the correct PSU size. Meaning if the calculated use is e.g. 550W then you need to add a minimum of 30% to allow for electrolytic capacitor aging and even more if you plan to OC either or both the CPU & GPU(s).

    As above if the requirement is 550W X 1.30 = 715W so look at 750W.

    I recommend Corsair PSU {Japanese capacitors, Single rail, voltage protection} {Power Supply Finder tab}
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