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Hello everyone, i wasn't sure were to put this. I am having an issue with my PC at the moment were my rig is only letting me use 2 gigs of the 6 that are installed. I checked the bios and it is registering all the slots. I have a EVGA x58 SLI LE motherboard that ive had for about a year now. I am running Windows 7 Home edition 64 bit version. Any clues to what my system is going thruw because i would really hate to reformat and not have the problem fixed. Thanks.

Here is a pic of my dxdiag and what im seeing on my rig at the moment.

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    go to msconfig boot tab>advance options>uncheck maximum memory
    Got the same problem after install sp1 for window 7 although I don't know why window apply that change automatically. Took me several hours to find the problem.
  2. thank you brotha that solve it. kudos to ya and best of luck in you're future endeavors.
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