Has this ever happened to you?

My computer parts that I had ordered came in and I was really pumped to get started with my first build. I get my case out install the power supply and motherboard. All is well and dandy until one thing happens....

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I forgot to buy a hard drive....
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was so mad I could have swore I had one in my cart... but no

What happened was I had a hard drive in a combo with my PSU and then I switched my PSU and never added the HD back LOL :lol:

Have you ever had something silly like this happen to you?
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  1. I once bought a new case to transfer the guts on a Dell Dimension 2350 into for better cooling. Case Mods were more expensive than a new case with fans!

    Got all the "stuff," installed the motherboard into the new case, only to find the the "Front Panel Connectors" were incompatible. So I couldn't even turn the thing on, nor use the USB front ports. And I'm not talented enough to tinker with something that small.

    Feeling frustrated, I bought a different mobo online (eBay) for the stinking P4 2.5GHz, 400FSB processor. I'll just upgrade the CPU later to a 2.8GHz/800FSB. Luckily the seller included 3GB (2x1GB + 2x512MB) of SDRAM, the max the board could handle.

    And, oh hell, while I'm at it, lets get some SATA hard drives, but only SATA I ports on the "new" board. The IDE drives in the Dell were only 120GB (3 of them added 2 years before), due to lack of 48-bit LBA support on the Dell system.

    So when I r'cd the board 2 weeks later, I installed everthing in the new case. All installed without a hitch, almost. This was Saturday.

    BTW: The case WAS a Cool Master 690, from a recommendation from a THG SBM. I added all the extra fans; 3-120mm LED (1-front, 2-top), a 140mm (bottom), and a slim 80mm (behind CPU/mobo). The case was great, until plugging in the drives, which mount sideways. The SATA power cables and IDE Molex cable were too big/long, and I couildn't get the side panel back on. I even cut open my finger, on the case, trying to shove it all in, to close the right side panel. Great, now I'm bleeding all over the place. But I finally get the panel on, just crammed the plugs and wires in.

    Oh, since I'm trying to stay cool, let's buy an aftermarket CPU cooler and fan. Got a Mugen Rev.2 or something like that. Great cooler. Installed easily, until I went to plug the fan into the mobo. The fan was a PMR 4-pin conector, but the mobo only had a 3-pin connection. I couild transfer the CPU cooler ass't form teh Dell case, it's part of the case! Anyway. I did some quick research, and found I could just plug the fan in a certain way, and it worked. Until I booted up the BIOS. "Hardware warning: CPU fan spped too low." Okay, it's now Saturday night. Sunday morning, I went and got a simple 120mm 3-pin fan, with LEDs. Coooool! Still got the Hardware warning! But I could override/ignore it in BIOS. The fan did spin, and I could feel air moving through the fins, so wtf.

    Oh, and the "new" motherboard supported RAID, so lets install the 2 SATA drives in RAID 0 for the OS, use another SATA port (different controller) for data/media, and RAID 0 the 2 old IDE drives for backups. No problem.

    Feel me yet, a simple case mod turned into a whole system build, for a old P4 system...

    Now it gets better. I started installing Windows 7 on this system. Of course the RAID controller were outdated, and unsupported in Windows 7, so I had to download the drivers from online. No problem. Found them, downloaded them, and started to "install" or "unzip" them.

    Argh, I don't have a floppy on my other system to copy the drivers to. And the "new" board doesn't support booting from a USB, and Windows 7 wouldn't/couldn't find the USB drive. So, I ripped into the other system, slaved the floppy into it, copied the drivers, and had to put everything back together, 2 systems. Luckily, I have another working system, mine! Yes, this as all for my wifes system.

    This took a better part of the day, just to get the "Third Party" RAID drivers, one for Intel ICH6R(?), and one for JMicron(?). BTW: the "new"mobo WAS a Asus P4P800-E Deluxe.

    Ok, next day, Sunday. Got all hardware in and going, and Windows 7 finally installed. Final hard drive set up was 2x160GB Seagate HDD in RAID 0, 1-500GB Seagate 7200.11 drive, and 2x120GB IDE drives in RAID 0.

    But wait, there is more! The 2 160GB Seagate hard drive, bought on eBay from a retailer, were suppose to be 7200.12 drives, and I got 7200.10! And the 2 drives were not identical (just the labels on them)! The retailer offered a exchange or refund, if I'd ship the drives back, at my cost! So, wtf, I threw them into the system anyway.

    It gets better. Thank God I didn't activate the OEM copy of Windows 7 Home when I had installed it, and got all the drivers updated/installed (i.e onboard LAN). Why, let me tell you...

    I had NO SOUND! Windows 7 saw the onboard sound, and even downloaded the updated drivers for it. But no sound. The onboard ports wouldn't see the speakers plugged into them. Tweak here, tweak there, still no sound. I even installed a Sound Balster LIVE! card into a PCI slot, but then Windows 7 wouldn't let me install the software/drivers for the card. "There are known issues with this device and Windows 7" was somewhat of the message I was getting. Checking the Windows 7 compatibilty site, again, found that teh SBLive card is unsupported. No sound, no solution. Other than get another sound card that is supported. Yet another added cost. I could get a card form ~$20, but good ones are ~$70 or more. And I have good speakers. So I want good sound.

    I contacted the seller which I bought the motherboard from, and explained that it was defective (no sound). Of course the seller reams me a new one, saying the board is not Win7 compatible, and it's my fault that the sound won't work. Read NO REFUND. I even complained to eBay, but finally just dropped the case afte the seller slammed me with complaints.


    That Sunday night, I ran DBaN on all the hard drives. Monday night, I ripped apart the system, put everyhting back into the boxes that they came in. On Tuesday, I shipped back the hard drives, and returned almost everything else to MicroCenter, which took everything back. We are talking over $300.00 just for what I could return! Since I didn't activate the OS, and can't return opened software, I sold it on craigslist.org the night I listed it! Paid $109, sold $65. And since the seller wouldn't take back the mobo, I sold it on craigslist.org the day after I listed it. Paid $88, sold $45. I even explained to the guy why, never heard from him. He installed XP on it. Had a sound card.

    So, her Dell system is back in the Dimension case, with all original parts back in, added a hard drive, and even put the original PSU back in.

    I had a 500W PSU, that I put in the Dell case, but pulled it out, and put it in yet another system I salvage back together, and tried to sell on eBay and craigslist to cover my lose. No bites. So I donated it to a Yard Sale some girls at work was having for "The Race for a Cure." It still didn't sell! I even told them to sell it for whatever thaey could get for it. I listed it for $150, told them to take $20 if offered. Not my problem now. I'm taking the write off.

    Did I mention that I bought a PCI Video Card for the original Dell system, so I could use Win7? But the mobo I bought had a AGP slot, but the AGP card I had (now in the salvaged system) wasn't Win7 supported? Thank God again that I didn't buy an "modern" AGP card, when I bought other stuff.

    All this, because I didn't want to do a case mod. Too expensive for the added fans (3), and hole saws I'd use only once.

    BTW: I did have Windows XP Pro install disks, which were once installed on the Dell system, but since my system is Win7, I wanted hers to be 7 too. And the system had changed so much since Windows XP was on it (i.e CPU and mobo), I would be in violation on the Microsoft EULA.

    So I had some extra computer parts, so I tried to sell them. Craigslist is free, and I sold somethings, made $317.00, but sold 3GB DDR3 1600 for $60.00, which I paid $169.99 for the 6GB DDR3 1600 upgrade. On the phone they offered $75.00, but once they had to install the DRAM into their system to see if it worked, they said we agreed on $60. Else, loved craigslist.

    I also listed these things on eBay, which cost me $157.86 to list, and I only made $99.15.
  2. @foscoote Wow bro,

    I definitely feel a little better about my situation now haha. That is some crazy stuff.

    My HD will be coming in tomorrow(7-2-10) and I'm excited to finish the build and get Win 7 installed and all of my software.

    Good luck in the future
  3. I bought my first gaming case not so long ago,guess what my power supply wasn'y modular so yeah i got angry may it rest in pieces have to get one this month any ideas?
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