Why does my computer go dead

Hi Guys,
I have a i7-930 desktop PC,ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard, G SKills Ripjaws RAM, ATI Radeon 5850 card etc. Homebuilt around an year ago.

Moved cities recently, and transported the desktop by car. Worked fine at the new place for a few days, then stopped POSTing. Outer case fans came on, but CPU fan, HDD, and Graphics Card were dead. Heard a kind of a whine-noise coming from somewhere inside the PC.

Anyways, I took the CMOS out and put it back in, and it came back up setup the BIOS etc, that worked for a day (CPU fan started as did the HDD etc) - but by the next day, problem's back.

Just saw this thread:
Sounds like the exact same issue. So this time I pulled out the power cable connectors from the MOBO and pushed them back in, and alls well again! CPU fan whizzing like theres nothing wrong.

So my question is: What could be causing this - loose power supply, bad power supply, or is this a potential MOBO issue? One major symptom seems to be that the CPU fan refuses to come on. As soon as the CPU fan comes on, all's well again.

I guess if it fails again, I am going to try the same thing, but it seems to happen often enough to seem like a common problem, but I am yet to see a convincing answer to the what the root cause could be question.
Any ideas?
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    Probably a poor connection between the power cable and the connector on the motherboard caused by the motion. Possibly resetting the CMOS made the boot take slightly longer, and changed the load slightly.
  2. Ok.. makes sense that perhaps the power supply - MOBO connections somehow got loose while transporting the desktop. Doesn't explain why this manifested around 1-2 weeks after the move -- anyways, i will wait and watch.
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  4. i tell everyone this so just take it or leve it

    if it is a i5 or i7 it is already ocing look into a Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 3.06 GHz with Turbo Boost and update your video drivers too they do not update on there own. Even on auto update.
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