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I plan on upgrading my ps3 hard drive so i needed an external to back up the data, using my broken external hard drive and my brothers old broken computers hard drive i manage to get a working external together. i plugged it into my windows 7 and it was not detected i tried a few times but had no luck.. I plugged it into my brothers vista and it was detected the third time i plugged it in. I formatted it, deleted the partition etc and plugged it back into the windows 7 and it still is not detected. It is not detected in disk management, device manager, my computer or cmd. The disk is not initializing but the flashing light is on. Its ntfs format, i have tried numerous cables and i have tried the old external to make sure that the adapter was not the issue but that worked fine. I have tried reseting the buffers (i think thats how it was put) by plugging the power cable in, waiting 10 seconds and then plugging in the data cable but it still did not initialise.
strangely enough it is detected by the ps3 but with only 16 gb of storage as oposed to the 160gb of data it can hold.
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. The PS3 can only detect FAT32 formatted drives. It will not see your NTFS partition. Reformat using FAT32. Fat32formatter can format up to ~724gig.
  2. i would but like i said my computer will not acknowledge my external hdd in any way shape or form :(
  3. Either the drive is bad or the enclosure is bad. Hook up the hard drive internally to your computer and see if it works. If it doesn't the drive is dead. If it does work, your external enclosure is bad.
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