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The fan inside my Dimension 4700 is starting to get old and is off and on with a very unpleasant noise, instead of replacing the fan i was interested in upgrading to a improved one. Ive been looking at the technical specifications and i know i need a 92mm fan, but all of the upgraded ones ive found all seem to be 4-Pin connectors. Would a 4-pin be able to fit inside a 5-pin or would they not be compatible, other imformtaion on what the "pin" is would be great as well. Thank you.
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  1. Your fan connector is unique to dell; check your dell ps and see if it has a spare 4 pin connector. If not, you may have to gamble on a 3 or 4 pin standard connector. Newegg has 46 92mm case fans, about as good selection as anybody. Or, you can try a canned air product to quiet down your fan. They contain special sovents that evaporate quickly.
  2. While I'm not sure about the connectors in Dell in particular, I can recommend the Nexus 92 mm fan. As far as noise goes, I think it is simply the best, and it's not expensive. You can usually get them on Amazon.
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