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Emachine computer hard drive crashed. Installed new Seagate barracuda 7200.8, 200 gbytes. Used emachine recovery XP and drivers cd. My computer shows two hard drives (C) 58.3 GB and (D) 127 GB instead of one. Why? and how do I get just a (C drive with all 200 GB's? Thank you very much
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  1. The recovery disk must have put some kind of recovery partition on the drive. I don't know if there is an easy way to use the whole drive. If the recovery disk used a typical XP install, there should have been an option during the install to delete/create partitions. It is then that you should have deleted all partitions and just created one large one.
  2. Thanks, I was expecting the option but it never came. I've searched the net for answers but no luck. The computer is a friend of mine and it's way out of warrenty to call the emachine people. I'll keep hoping someone will know what to do. Again thanks.
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