Strange BSOD and Voltage?

I just built my computer a few weeks ago and my build includes a Phenom X2 555 BE, ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard, a 500W MOD X Stream-Pro power supply and 4GB G.Skill ECO ram.

For some reason the computer had a BSOD under 64-bit Windows 7, I have no idea whats wrong. I did a memory test and it turned out fine with no problems. The only weird thing was that a day ago, I was messing with the cpu voltage in windows by undervolting it but for some reason the voltage that I set it to did not match the voltage that was being displayed on CPUZ or AMD Overdrive. The voltage on CPUZ and Overdrive showed that it was lower than the voltage I set on K10Stats.

Since then, I stopped messing with the voltage and just stuck with the stock 1.4V but the computer crashed once already, I need some help. Do you think the crashes have anything to do with the CPU?
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  1. I wouldn't have thought so. Has the computer been stable since the build? - Has it only been crashing since faffing around with voltages?

    Also.. CPU-Z and many tools don't show the same voltages set in the bios. Mine are showing 1.47 when the bios says 1.45. Not sure why they read different, but it's the bios settings I go on :].
  2. turns out that bsod was a driver issue but that is another matter.

    the strange thing was that even in the bios, it said it was not 1.4v
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