PC comparison. Cyberpower or Costco?

I have been pricing new systems. Waiting for fourth of july sale. At Cyberpower, I made a system that cost 1k. i5 655 Quad core, 8g ram, hd5770, 30g SSD, 1T HDD, win7. Costco sells a HP 2.6ghz Quad core, 8g ram, 1T HDD, Win7, 25"LCD screen (i will buy a 5770). Which will also cost 1k.

Since they both cost the same, Cyberpower system is overclockable (better performance), no crapware and looks better, HP desktop has the convenience and 100% system compatibilty (no surprises) and new 25" LCD monitor, I can have it today, If somethings wrong I can exchange no hassle.

What are your guys opinion on this? Which one would you chose?
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  1. i5 655 (3.2Ghz) is a dual core CPU. You should be able to get the i5-750 (2.66Ghz) quad core CPU for near the same price.
    What motherboard did the Cyberpower system have?
  2. Also - what make and model is the 30GB SSD?

    I could not find a HP 2.6Ghz AMD quad CPU on the Costco website to compare. Was it an Athlon II X4 620 2.6GHz?
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    Neither, both systems will be a waste of money for sub-par quality parts.
    And particularly for the HP, they are known to fail so it's a matter of when and not if.

    $1,000 is your budget? It might be hard to make a system with that and a 25" monitor but if you have another hundred or two to add on then it's certainly possible. Then again both of the systems above only have a 5770 so it's possible.
  4. I think. Your right. I decided to finish my built. Good thing there alot of 4th of july sales. I purchased a amd 6 core 1055t and msi 880-e45 mobo for $200, 8g corsair 1600mhz and 60g corsair for $200. Case, psu, and asus hd5770 for another $200. im waiting on my 7 ultimate. So far i put everything together and powered it up last night with success and was able to adjust bios. Thanks for all your guys help :)
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