Nvid8800gt vs ati5850 upgrade... not really impressed?

I recently upgraded from a 8800gt to a 5850 and must say that I'm a little dissapointed. The leap isn't nearly what I had expected, so I hope somebody out there can maybe give me advice on something I have done wrong or maybe just expeting too much.
The only thing I could think would cause this was that my motherboard only does PCIe 1.1a, but some articles I have read suggested that the biggest differance from 1.1a 2.0 was bigger voltages.

In the heaven 1.0 demo my scores have jumped from 445(8800gt) to 552(5850) on:

Render: direct3d10(nvid)/11(ati)
Mode: 1680x1050 4xAA fullscreen
Shaders: high
Textures: high
Filter: trilinear
Anisotropy: 4x
Occlusion: enabled
Refraction: enabled
Volumetric: enabled

I have a:
Intel C2D 8200 @ 3GHz
2gig ram @ 800MHz DFI Bloodiron MB w. P35 & ICH (PCIe 1.1a)

Thanks in advance,
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  1. 2GB of RAM is likely your problem. Did you do a correct driver install following the directions and using the program found here? http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/
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