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hello guys :hello:

as the thread says im getting brand new PC and id like to know about a few things before going any further

in my posetion i have:
* Asus M4A78T-e ( mobo )
* XFX 5770 ( VGA )
* OCZ 4gb dual channel ( memory rams )
* AMD phenom II x4 955 ( CPU @ 3.2 )
* Cooler Master - Storm Scout ( case )
* Western digital 320gb ( HDD )

i need a nice CPU cooler cuz the AMD stock its too noisy though idle is @ 35-39 C, wich is pretty good for a stock CPU cooler anyway i chose the Thermaltake Frio :bounce:

but i saw it and i think its HUGEEEEEE :o so does anyone know if this cpu can fit perfectly on my Storm Scout, and be aware i have all fans on the case even the 2 on the side panel and they are 120mm each, i guess ill have to sacrifice 1 fan but its ok just want to know if it will fit?¿?¿ :??:

thank you very much for taking your time reading this and i hope this can help me and some other people with the same problems :sol:
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  1. I think it will fit the case is 8.6" in width and the cooler is 6.5" tall that leaves you 2" for 120mm fan and motherboard/tray/CPU
  2. I think it'll fit..
  3. Best answer
    Frio dimension 139 x 98 x 165 mm

    From the Scout manual:

    1. Please ensure that your CPU cooler does
    NOT exceed 6.5-inch (165mm) in height, it
    will cause damage to the CPU cooler and the
    side panel of STORM SCOUT.

    This measure is without any side panel fans installed, so if you want to use the upper side panel fan location, you need to include the thickness of this fan (standard is usually 120x25mm) in the calculation. The result would then be 165-25=140mm (that's how tall your tower cooler can be, with side panel fan installed).
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