OCZ Vertex 2 failure


I have been running an OCZ Vertex 2 as my OS drive for about 14 months now. I left the computer on last night and this morning when I got to it, the BIOS boot screen was up. It holds there for about 15 minutes before telling me that there is no boot drive present. In the BIOS, the SSD is not detected at all. There is a green light shining on it.

Other hard drives work on the same computer/SATA cable. I tried switching the SATA cable connected and nothing. I tried resetting the CMOS on the motherborad. I tried to flash the firmware on the SSD, but it can't detect the drive. Is there anything else that I can try?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Other than trying the SSD in another PC there isn't much you can do besides what you've done. You can try a different PSU cable to it to see if that helps, but it sounds like it died.
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