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If I install pc 4300 and 6400 memory together will it work and will it speed up my pc and not mess it up because I don't know that much about the bios and how to set it. Thank you please help
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  2. I thought as long as they were the same type that you could but the pc6400 would get down clocked to the 4300??? Google it. also look here

    But personally I would not do it myself.
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    I did it with DDR2 memory once, Kingston, corsair and patriot one big happy family of different speeds, got me up to 1.7GB of RAM so I could play Oblivion haha.

    I did it on a OEM ASUS board that came with my HP Pavilion desktop, worked like a charm but not guaranteed to work for every machine.

    My memory only ran at 400MHz..
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