Upgrading from 9600gt --> 5830 OK?

Right now I have a 9600gt 512mb for about the last 2 yrs ago and it has been very loyal to me.
I'm thinking about upgrading to a 5830 newegg has it on sale for 214-20 rebate = $195

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5830 1GB

Is this a good card for this price, and is this the card for me?
I run 1920x1080 res for the main screen, and I have 2x 1650x1050 on the sides (triple monitor setup). None of my screens have displayport, so I don't think i'll be eyefinitying (if thats a word xD) for a while.
I mainly play online mmorpgs ie Guild Wars and RTS games ie World in Conflict, C&C/Red Alert, but also sometimes shooters ie BF2, COD4,5,6, L4D1,2. I want to be able to max out these games.

I want something like the 9600gt that will last me for about 2 yrs. (I know, tech gets outdated, but the 9600gt stood the test of time!)

Phenom 940BE 3.0 @ 3.6Ghz
Biostar ta790gxb
4gb ddr2 ram
750watt psu

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  1. Yes, it's certainly an outstanding card for you. However, you might want to consider HD5850 as well as the difference in price isn't too much, but you will gain much more
  2. Not sure it will last 2+ years. In general, the 5830 is not too popular because it does not offer enough gaming power for 1920 x 1080 resolution and until that resolution the 5770 hits the spot so it is a card in limbo. OCing may overcome the problem, but it would be a shame to get a card that you need to OC straight away to get the decent performance

    If you want a card to last a long while you will have to go with a 5850
  3. Thanks for the responses, it seems like this a good bargain for me, then.
    Yes, I will probably overlock it. Maybe not right away, but eventually.

    I do have a quick question: Can I run all three monitors off this single 5830? 2 via dvi and 1 via hdmi? (not in eyefinity mode, just the regular 'desktop expansion' in win7) Or would I still need to keep the IGP in the mobo turned on to run the 3rd monitor?
  4. i was considering a 5830 for my reBuild but was told by a lot of people to stay as far away from the 5830 as possible since it was closer to a 5770 than a 5850 so i waited for a good deal on a 5850 but instead found a killer deal at Bestbuy for 2 Visiontek 5770s both for $215 with tax and i could not be happier
  5. That's a really nice deal for 215! and to think Best Buy of all places! XD

    Why is there such negative resentment towards the poor 5830?

    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5830 1GB @ $195
    HIS Radeon HD 5850 1GB @ $290

    Which is the better deal? Is the $100 price difference between the 5830 and the 5850 not justified? Or is it better to wait a bit for maybe later in June?
    Finally, if I get the 5830 and another one later, do you think they will crossfire well? Can I crossfire the 5830 with the 5850, or will performance be hampered?
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  7. Quote:
    Lot's of people buy 5850's and overclock them to 5870 levels. Why would it be a shame to overclock the 5830 to 5850 levels?

    You will have no problem maxing out the games you mentioned at that res.

    The difference is, the 5850 at stock clock is great at 1920 x 1080, it does not need to be overclocked, but you can OC it for extra power in the future when required or when upgrading to a new monitor with higher res.

    The 5830 however, is at its limit on that resolution and you need to OC it to run everything on full settings now, which means it has no longetivity.

    The card sits between the 5770 and the 5850 but misses out on the market - the 5770 is a great performer below 1920 x 1080, the 5850 is a great performer for 1980 x 1020. When the 5770 starts struggling on games at that resolution, the 5830 is not fairing much better.

    That is why it is not a popular card.

    Having said all that, when it is coming under $200 it is now closer to the 5770 price as it should be rather than closer to the 5850 and so it is not so bad a buy.

    With it being able to OC to a 5850 performance and under $200 it is a card I think that is now worth considering, but I would still just try to save up and get a real 5850
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