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Hello,Vista OS, Cleaned HD as per Toshiba Recovery disc,attemped reload OS HD appears to be defective, New upgraded HD purchased. What is procedure for new HD statup? Satellite A215 .Thanks
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  1. Your Toshiba recovery disk should be able to set up the new hard drive.
    If not, an official Windows disk will take care of that.
    Or Disk Management on another computer

    You likely wont run into any problems.
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    This is in response to the PM you sent me.

    Use the new upgraded HDD and use the recovery (re-installation) CD and reload the OS.

    After you have done that and the computer is running, click on the 'Start' button and then select 'Windows Updates' - download and install the updates. Then do the customary 'Restart Computer'.

    After doing the above, do a complete backup on to an external HDD. This is mandatory and just makes good sense. Along with the Backup, create a 'Windows Repair Disk (CD/DVD). You will need a CD/DVD RW Optical drive for this. Most laptops have this; not all desktops.

    Hope you have a good anti-virus program.

    All this is time consuming, so please be patient!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the advice. This is as I expected, just wanted to make sure, that the previous Bios set up was not an issue. I'm a novice but learning fast ! The Eldorado Quote is great I sometimes make refference myself.
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  5. Thank you!

    Generally, there is no need to update (flash) the BIOS. Some skill and some risk involved in flashing the BIOS. Leave it alone.

    Don't forget the frequent and regular backup to an external HDD.
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