Windows black operating system downloiad

can i rewrite this system over windows vista 64 bit ,,,,and if yes where do i go to apply it to my laptop ,,
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  1. Hello tina lynn0987654321

    Can you better explain what you're trying to do?
    And please explain "windows black operating system"
  2. Are you saying you've downloaded a copy of Windows 7 Utimate Black edition and are wondering if you can overwrite a Vista 64 bit system?

    If you've got a 64bit copy of this "windows black" then yes, shouldn't be a problem.. And you install by burning your downloaded copy (a legally downloaded copy of course) to a disc and then booting your computer with the disc in the drive. Then continue to follow instructions.

    If you haven't got a 64bit copy and have instead downloaded a 32bit copy, you might have issues (as your laptop came with a 64bit version, it was probably for a reason).

    Give us some more information and we might be able to help.
  3. Discussions about cracking / pirating / hacking operating systems is a breach of ToS.

    Please buy the software like everyone else thanks.
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