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Comprehensive BG2 Mod List ~Updated 8 Apr 2004~

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April 9, 2004 9:29:02 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

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Basic Installation Order: {refer to mod documentation for specific
installation order including Game Engine Conversions}

<*Shadows of Amn Only*>
1. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
2. Official Bioware Patch for SoA
3. Baldurdash Fixpacks for SoA OR Sorcerer's Place Fixpacks
4. Other Non-WeiDU Mods (Only one dialog.tlk-overwriting mod can be
installed. See the Big Picture install guide for step-by-step instructions)
**OR** Total Conversions (no other mods should be installed after TC's)
5. WeiDU Mods

<*Throne of Bhaal*>
1. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
2. Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
3. Official Bioware Patch for ToB
4. Baldurdash Fixpacks for ToB
5. Other Non-WeiDU Mods (Only one dialog.tlk-overwriting mod can be
installed. See the Big Picture install guide for step-by-step instructions)
**OR** Total Conversions (no other mods should be installed after TC's)
6. WeiDU Mods


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn -
*** Install if you do NOT plan to install Throne of Bhaal ***
-European Edition patch version 23037
-Japanese Edition patch version 23037
-English Edition patch version 23037
-Italian Edition TLK Update

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal -
*** Do not install unless you have installed Throne of Bhaal ***
-European Edition patch version 26498
-English Edition patch version 26498
-BETA Patch version 26499


Baldurdash -
-Baldurdash Fixpack for SoA (SoA only)
-Baldurdash English-Language Game Text Update for SoA (SoA only)
-Baldurdash Fixpack for ToB (ToB only)
-Baldurdash English-Language Game Text Update for ToB (ToB only
-Baldurdash Shadows Over Soubar Compatible FixPack (ToB only)

Sorcerer's Place Fixpacks -
-Sorcerer's Place Fixpack (SoA Only!)
-Sorcerer's Place Cloak of Mirroring for BG2: ToB


Beige Tangerine's Miscellaneous Gaming Stuff -
NiGHTMARE's Infinity Engine Junk -
Sabre's Customizations -
MetalFan49's Baldur's Gate 2 Customizations -


BG1Tutu -
-BG1Tutu FixPack -
-CamDawg's Tutu Tweak Pack -
-Harden Cooner's BG1Tutu Addon -
-Vedran's Tutu Lost Item Mod -
Icewind Gate II -
Baldur's Gate Trilogy -


Dragonlance: The Glory of Istar TC -
Epic Endeavours -
Epic Endeavours (WeiDU) -
Battle of Helm's Deep -


The Darkest Day -
Shadows Over Soubar -
Tortured Souls -
The Big Picture -
The Forgotten Children -
Nalia Romance -
Exnem's Addon -
Mage Duel -
The Tortured Soul -
Deeper Shadows of Amn -
ZotFix -
Food Feature Mod -
Romance-Friendly Imprisonment -
Fixed Creatures -
Sorcerer's Place Hosted Mods -
-Rutkowski's NPC Conversion
-Masamune Sword Mini-mini-quest by ShadowDaemon
-Numerous kits and item addons


**NPC Mods**

Kelsey -
Chloe -
Tashia -
(Tashia "Happy Patch" - )
Solaufein -
Valen -
Goo -
Silverstar -
Vanim -
Xan -
Kiara-Zaiya -
Horace -
Mike -
Azrael -
Neh'taniel -
One-Day NPCsT -

**NPC-Related Mods**

NPC Flirt Packs -
Banter Packs -
Getting Rid of Anomen (Kelsey addon) -
sporeboys! Alternate Female NPC Portraits -
Cloakwood Squares -
Alternate BG2 NPCs (changes the class of several Bioware NPCs) -
Totemic Cernd -
NPC Tweak Mod -
Imoen Romance -
Improved Viconia -
JPS' Portrait Collection -
Corthala Romantique -
Kit Anomen -

**Quest-based Mods**

Ascension (WeiDU) -
Tactics -
Unfinished Business -
Turnip Golem Encounter -
Improved Oasis II -
Expanded Thief Stronghold -
Check the Bodies -
Neverending Journey Part One -
Azengaard Tactical Encounter -
Improved Battles Mod -
Redemption (Ascencion addon) -
Spellhold Lich -
Desecration of Souls -
Super Firkraag Mod -
Ajoc's MiniMod -
KR's Difficult Brown Dragon -
Planar Sphere Mod -
Improved Asylum Mod -
Leutian's Mini Mod -
Mordan's Christmas Mod -
Iron Modder 1 Pack (2003) -
Iron Modder 2 Pack (2004) -

**Rules, Tweaks, and Enhancement Mods**

Dungeon-Be-Gone -
Ashes of Embers -
Oversight -
Virtue -
CamDawg's Tweak Pack -
Idobek's Tweak Pack -
Cal-Culator -
Drow Innate Abilities -
SimDing0's Miscellaneous Tweak Pack -
Rogue Rebalancing Pack -
Revised Hell Trials -
Ease-of-Use -
Subraces -
Clear Fog of War -
Riklaunim's Crazy Remixes -
Idobek's Morphing Scripts -
Game-Be-Gone -
igiTeamBG's Tweak Pack -

**Spell-Related Mods**

King Dutka's Disarm Trap Spell -
Spell-50 -
Narm's Cloud Mod -;action=display;threadid=12889

**Script-Related Mods**

eSeries (additional character AI scripts) -
gMinion (improved scripts for summoned creatures) -
Scriptable Spells -
Detectable Spells -
Sequencer Memory -

**Store and Item Mods**

Item Upgrade -
(Cespenar Audio for Weimer's Item Upgrade Mod - )
Improved Horns of Valhalla -
Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue (WeiDU) -
Ruad -
The Unusual Oddities Shop -
Rastor's Item Pack -
Firesuit (for mages) -
Dark Ritual -
Item Value Tweaks -
The Magnificent Magic Store -;act=ST;f=31;t=1143
MunchMod -
BagBonus -
The Improved Volcano! Pack for ToB -
SP Items -
Priest Rings for Kenshiro -

**Kit Mods**

(It should be noted that kits are availabe in the Tactics, Improved Battles,
Oversight, and Ashes of Embers mods, all listed above)
Cleric Remix -
The Sorcerer's Place Collection -
Acid Elementalist Kit -
Morituri Kit -
Druidic Sorcerer Kit -
Runic Bladesinger Elven Kit -
Shuri Ninja Kit -



Clan DLAN's Mods -
-TDD sin TDD (WeiDU)
-Taim NPC (WeiDU)
-Mhoram NPC (WeiDU)
-Vendedor DLAN (WeiDU)
-Bolsa (WeiDU)
-Mawgul NPC (WeiDU)
-Nanstein (WeiDU)

Riojano's Corner -
-Castillo De´Arnise Mejorado (Improved De'Arnise Keep - WeiDU)
-La Música de los Reinos (The Music of the Kingdoms - WeiDU)
-Recargador (Store mod - WeiDU)
-Trovador REO (WeiDU)
-Sir Renal Mod (Store mod - WeiDU)
-Cofre Dimensional Custodiado (WeiDU)
-Darron Mod (Store mod - WeiDU)

Nemesil Arena -
Christoff (NPC) -


Octavian's Drizzt Mod -;action=display;threadid=4291
Octavian's Malthis Mod -;action=display;threadid=4410
Knights Kits -;action=display;threadid=4294
( Drow Kits addition to Knights Kits -;action=display;threadid=4293 )
( Oriental Kits addition to Knights Kits -;action=display;threadid=4290 )
Maus's Mods -
-Tashia (WeiDU)
-Vanim (WeiDU)
-Roar (WeiDU)
-Elvanshalee (WeiDU)
-Teddy (WeiDU)


Kim NPC Mod -


Ritorno a Trademeet (Return to Trademeet) -


Riklaunim's Library -
-Viconia Release Upgrade
-Grimnosh (Monk NPC)
-Lia (Assassin NPC)
-Tamika (Bounty Hunter NPC)
-Runic Bladesinger Kit


Kelsey for Mac -
Dungeon-Be-Gone for Mac -
UniversalWolf's Item Pack -;action=display;threadid=44
Fire's Mods -;action=display;threadid=50
-Compatibility Mod
-Level 50 Rules Pack
-Level 40 Rules Pack
-Power to the Wizards
-No Break
-Import Your Stuff
-ToB XCap for SoA
-Upgraded Familiars for SoA
-Upgraded Classes & Spell Progressions for SoA
Adventurer's Spa and Grill -
-The Darkest Day (Mac version)
-BG1Tutu Assistant
-Slart's Fodder Pack
-Summon Bhaalspawn NPC
-Alex Macintosh
-Chicken Change

Erik Manning, aka icelus

More about : comprehensive bg2 mod list updated apr 2004

April 9, 2004 9:30:08 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

A small overhaul, this update is... Many links have been fixed, and several
small mods have been added.

Changes include:

-Tutu Fix Pack
-Idobek's BG2 Morphing Script
-Iron Modder 1 Pack
-Iron Modder 2 Pack
-Kit Anomen
-SP Items
-Priest Rings for Kenshiro
-Narm's Cloud Mod
-Slart's Fodder Pack (Mac)

-Imoen Romance website
-Tortured Souls website
-Chloe website
-Improved Asylum website

Also note that the following mods have been updated by their authors
-Improved Oasis II
-Banter Packs
-Ashes of Embers
-Check the Bodies
-Imoen Romance
-SimDing0's Tweak Pack
-Tutu Tweak Pack
-Neh'taniel Beta
-Cleric Remix Beta
-Idobek's Tweak Pack
-Neverending Journey Part 1
-Tortured Souls
-igi's Tweak Pack

Erik Manning, aka icelus