Xeon w3550 vs i7 930

I just had a look at the new intel pricing and noticed that the Xeon w3550 and i7 930 are the same price. Do they both preform simmilarly? or is one better than the other. I had my heart set on an i7 950 for a gaming/autodesk machine, should i look into getting a Xeon w3550 instead?
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  1. The Xeon W3550 is just a higher binned Core i7 930, meaning that in terms of overclockability it should overclock a bit better but it does have a locked QPI ratio IIRC.
  2. Xeon's are meant to be used in a multiple CPU environment.. For a single processor machine, the i7 930/950 will be faster and is recommended..
  3. Xeons are for servers. I would also prefer the Core i7 on this.
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