I just ordered my first system build, please rate it.

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  1. It should cruise the 'Net and play solitaire just fine....Just kidding. Looks like a fairly beefy beast. You did good.

    I assume you plan to game on it. It should handle most games quite well. Not sure if you plan to OC the system or not. If you do, you may want to consider an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU.

    Didn't see a monitor. What are you planning there?

    Enjoy!!! Good luck
  2. I already have a monitor 21in 1680 x 1050, selling my current desktop to a friend, I do not plan to OC the Proc at all, I will be overclocking the video card if needed. Hope to destroy that evil devil of a cpu hog solitare in some late night marathons
  3. The 5850 is a great GPU and you should be happy with it. I am not an OCer myself as I fail to see the point, especially if I shorten the lifespan of my machines (it can and does happen). I tend to spec for the performance I want and then go from there.

    That being said, the 5850s are generally very OCable. My recommendation is to do so minimally in order to keep the heat and noise reasonable.

    Go get some!
  4. Indeed, that is one reason I bought the 2 120mm fans, so one can go on the bottom to help pull in air, and one on top to push out, figured if I OC at least the rest of my components won't be affected much.
  5. It's a good build but it's not the best build for what you spent. It's fairly obvious you didn't post the build here before purchasing.

    Anyone here would have pointed you towards a better PSU, a better HDD, and memory with better latency. Also, according to the specs, the motherboard only has 1 PCIE-16 slot? Also no support for USB 3.0 or SATA III. It's definately functional but in the grand scheme of things it's a slightly dated build. You kinda tomorrow proofed, not future proofed.

    Your build is fine, but it's not optimal. You most likely won't notice a difference.
  6. The spec sheet for some reason is wrong on there, here is a better list of specs on it, but correct on no usb 3 or sata 3
  7. And I actually have posted a very similar build on here a few weeks ago, got told the psu is good enough to support crossfire, a better hd was just too much more, and wasn't told anything about the memory x.x
  8. That's a shame. I'm usually on every night, sorry I missed it :(
  9. D:
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    silernova0, you built a good system. As cmcghee358 is pointing out, you can almost always find a better deal and config with time and input from others. You should be happy with your choices and the system you will have. HOOAH!!!
  11. Thanks a ton man, as long as I can play Company of Heroes, StarCraft 2, AVP and maybe a few other titles I am happy as can be
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