Hd 5770 with Win Xp or Win 7

Hello fella..

i want to know. are latest games now in market are more suitable with Win 7 than Win Xp..?

I just want to make sure that i use right O.S for my HD 5770 when play games.
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  1. well windows xp only has up to direct x 9, and windows 7 has direct x 11, giving acces to new graphic features.

    There are VERY few games made only for DX 10 or later, and the games that are made for the newer DX versions do not really have much noticeable difference in graphics with the newer direct x.

    either should be fine, but do you really want a 10 year old OS on your machine?

    With windows 7, no longer any good reason to stick to XP.
  2. Ok.. Thank xbeater..

    I always change my O.S twice for a month... It is because try to find a match for certain game.

    Now day i play AvP 2 with Win7 Sometimes when i want to continues my last play it will hang and close. I'm just thinking it all about O.S cause other game just run O.K
    it make me tension when i want to continue my mission. :-(
  3. I see, well try updating all the drivers if you haven't, maybe that'll help.

    Changing OS twice a month must be a pain. Perhaps consider a dual boot system, with whichever game installed on the OS it is better for...

    really though, you should not need to do that. Patches and Drivers usually solve most of these problems

    try updating patches for AvP and update all your drivers!
  4. What are the website for Avp patches.. I realy like that game. So it make me sad if i can't continues the game that i save.

    i also have download and use CCC 10.4 Version.

    If i always change my O.S its not crash my Graphic card right my friend.?
  5. No it won't crash your GFX card, no effect on it. Its just not very practical let alone needed to constantly install a new OS, its time consuming and for one game actually rather pointless.

    I believe AvP takes advantage of DX 11, so it should run on win 7 better than elsewhere.

    just google for AvP patches, im sure there will be a few hits.
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