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I'm considering owning this sound card, regularly costs around $100, but I can get it for $25. Will it be better than the onboard sound by enough to justify a $25 price tag?
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  1. It will be better, for sure.
  2. boldor said:
    It will be better, for sure.


    It will depend on the audio chipset on the motherboard. Modern HD audio from onboard chips is very good now. It would take a very good discrete audio card to outdo it.

    one place where the Creative card might have an advantage is EAX. Many of the motherboards do not implement EAX properly.
  3. Most mobos use realteks HD audio. Its decent quality but almost ANY aftemarket soundcard outruns it in preformance and options such as eax.
  4. thanks guys. my motherboard is the one in my sig (which got turned off somehow), does that help you tell me if it will be better?
  5. still trying to turn my sig back on
  6. That motherboard uses Asus; ADI AD2000B audio chip... It is decent but definetely not in the same league as the soundblaster. Go for the card bro :)
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