Silverstone FT02B case questions - will my stuff fit in it

Hey case, I'm between the horns of a dilemma. I'm thinking of upgrading my case and while I was nearly decided on the Corsair 800D due to its size, cable management and features, I'm thinking of a different case. Here's my build

CPU/MOBO core 7-930 on a Asus P6T
CPU Cooler noctua dh-14
GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX-260
PSU Antec earthwatts 650
Current case Antec 300

The reason why I give the cpu cooler is because, the Silverstone FT02b has limitations. I'm really liking the looks of this puppy, its ability to create positive airflow with three massive fans on the bottom but my concerns are as follows:

GPU, is Graphics card too big.
CPU Cooler is my cooler too big
Fan Noise, does this case sound like a 747 taking off at an airport?

While I'm starting to read reviews on this case, if any current owners reading this thread, care to chime in on it, I'd be appreciative.

Finally, does it makes sense to upgrade my antec 300 case to a silverstone. I am liking the looks of the silverstone better but does it makes sense. I didn't pay a lot of the 300 and I'm sure I'd be able to sell it on craigslist for a few bucks, but am I gaining enough on the silverstone to justify the purchase.

btw, I understand the irony of choosing between the Corsiar 800d monster tower which has less then ideal air movement to the silverstone with great air flow ;)

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  1. 800D is a great cabinet, but a bit overpriced for me. What is your total budget for the cabinet?
  2. The 800D is in the upper limit of my budget, so given that Silverstone FT02B is less expensive makes it more worthwhile.

    What's important is looks, cooling ability, i.e., air flow (I'm not going to watercool) and features. The 800D is large, has room to grow and its advantages, and nicer points out weigh the weaker air flow ability. I had planned on making up for that by installing a front fan in the 5" bays and a second 140mm fan on the bottom air intake.
  3. If your not going to watercool, ditch any ideas of the 800D. It's a nice case, but needs serious work to even attempt to touch the performance of the FT02. The FT02 and the HAF X are probably the 2 best aircooled cases out right now. And yes, I believe the Noctua should fit.

    Just as a side note, some of the new FT02s are shipping with the upgraded AP181 fans. I'd look into it and see if the particular one your buying has the upgraded fans. They make a decent difference.
  4. If you were considering the 800D, then i guess you have budget which is around that, have you considered anything from Lian Li. Their build quality is unmatched by any brand available in the market.
  5. I'll take a look at them as well. Thanks for the info.

    Seeing that I have an antec 300, how would you guys compare the 300 vs. the silverstone. Is it worth upgrading. The fan placement and cooling abilities has me really thinking the silverstone is the way to go even over my current 300 but is the advantages worth the work and expense?
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    If you are thinking about the 300 and the silverstone, then definitely the silverstone. Case choice is somewhat dependent on the user and would like to say just look around yourself and narrow it down to two or three. Then we can help you choose.
  7. Thanks, I know its totally a personal choice, based on expectations, equipment, budget. You've answered my question, in so far as that its a great case and it does appear to hold my stuff. I'll not need to search for a decent price ;)
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  9. Just a note to say I ordered the Silverstone FT02 case. Thanks for the advice, I've been reading reviews and such on the intarweb and it looks like the case that I've been wanting to maintain excellent cpu and motherboard temps.

    I picked it up from newegg, so hopefully it arrives later this week, as my DH-14 cpu cooler should be arriving today. I'd love to put this baby on now, but I'll have to wait so I can assemble everything at once.
  10. Grats dude, you'll love it, seriously an amazing case, and super easy to build in. I hope you get one with the updated fans!
  11. Me too, I'm aching to get my computer back working again (I have a corsair H50 that isn't working and I'm waiting on the noctua cpu cooler)
  12. If your worried about your cooler, then look here:

  13. Perfect thanks, you made my day.

    As usual it looks like newegg has shipped the case and I should have it today, which is surprising since I ordered yesterday afternoon. If it does come, looks like I'll have a fun project for me to do tonight :D
  14. Although that's a Raven RV02, internal space-wise the Fortress FT02 is the same. Also the GTX 260 will fit no problem - with the grills taken off the fans the FT02 will fit (just) a 5970.
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