QuadCore, power failure?

I just peiced togeter a system with a Quadcore Q9450, Gigabyte board that has a 6 pin power connecter, my 450Watt has a 4 (i mean 8) pin, n with the main board power too, ihave a 20, and the mainboard has a 24,

anwyways, I tried booting the board fine though setup, and temps were like 30-37%, i have a big metal server tower, good ventilation with 2 inside fans, and like a coolmasters *** on the cpu, i put the TheRMAL PasTe on correctly n *** i checked on utuBe. But yeah when it started to boot windows, like, 5 seconds in the loading it blue screen'd saying something about couldn't even read n this without it crashing first. so it reset. than i checked everything out again, and it seemed the same in the system settings, heath, but i tried booting on some different settings , 3 , 5 times.. I kinda wanted it to work.

So basicly im asking did I Damage my hardware? and where i went wrong, I was thinking 750Watt supply with the right pin - in's right...

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  1. Please provide a link or part number of the Gigabyte motherboard. Ive never heard of a 6pin CPU power connector. Only 4 pin or 8 pin.
  2. Gigabyte X38-DS4

    any ideas guys. and what watt's would i need to run my system. I've also got a pretty low grade ddr2 1gb Asus en9500gt that doesn't require much power to run.
  3. any help here guys??? :[[

    I'm looking to know what type of supply I need, and if I damaged my hardware when I was trying to run it.

    Also it wasn't reading my IDE drive, and reading only my SATA drive, I'm trying to use my 30 gig IDE (activated windows xp on it) as my main booting hdd, and the SATA as a slave, but the SATA drive has windows XP on it, is that why?

    please help me out guys :[
  4. Look in the lower left corner of the picture. What you are seeing there is an 8 pin (4X2) connector with half of the pins covered. That's so that if you only have a 4 pin CPU power connector, you plug it into the exposed pins. If your PSU has an 8 pin connector, you are supposed to remove the cover so that you can use all 8 pins.

    If you try to force a 6 pin connector into the socket, you will short out your PSU because the CPU and PCI connectors are wired differently.

    Depending on your video card, all you need is a good 500 - 550 watt PSU. I like the Corsair 550VX:

    It will power any CPU with nearly any (perhaps not a GTX480) video card.

    Unfortunately (?), the Corsair 650TX
    is very nearly the same price at newegg.

    And while you are waiting for your parts to arrive, take a look at this:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  5. I didn't force my 4 Pin in the 8 pin-out on my mainboard. It fit perfectly, like i didn't apply much pressure for it to click.

    And 89 dollars is a little over my budget. So I'm going to have to wait till I sell the rig i'm currently on before I get my new computer running :[
  6. Hey again guys, I got a coolmasters 550 extreme all set up, SATAII drive (in bay sata0) with windows xp installed on it from another computer. Still getting the blue screen crashes, I'm going to try to format and install a fresh copy of windows on to the drive and see if that works. Looked all through bios, and never really saw any options aaplicable other than boot sequence, it picks up the hard drive, but doesn't pick up my IDE hard drive. So I'm not sure if I'll even be able to format the sata becasue i only got IDE drives.

    Any ideas? Opinions on whether it is hardware or windows?
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