Does putting Windows on an SSD speed up your system Or just Boot time?

Yeah simple question I guess, I want to know if its worth putting Windows on an SSD, I don't care about start up times I rarely turn off my PC.

I just care if it will speed up my system, like opening photoshop, general load times *** like that. I really doubt it but it's worth asking, because I'm considering ditching my IDE, installing 64bit onto my SATA HDD and using an SSD for game storage because I hate load screens and save times.
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  1. everything that loads/access the hdd (windows, software, games etc) will load 10x quicker

    game FPS/performance etc will NOT
  2. I have been using mechanical HDD's for years, but the new system i just built has windows 7 - 64bit on a Samsung- 830 series SSD, and there is quite a massive performance increase.

    My system shuts down in about 2.5 seconds and starts up in about 8 seconds. Windows and all programs seem to load in the blink of an eye. It really is quite impressive.

    General computing tasks are instantaneous, i don't think i've had to wait more than a fraction of a second for something to load. Definitely recommend the switch to SSD, especially if you are running intensive programs all the time.
  3. yeah constantly loading photoshop which takes like a minute and game loading screens like skyrim and dead rising, thanks for the help.
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