my on board vga does not work :non: :non: , i wand to buy a video card but i don't know which one , my system supports pci express
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  1. What are your other system specifications? Processor? Power supply? Motherboard?
    Do you play games? Which ones? At what resolution? Your computer has to be able to support it as well as not bottleneck it, and you don't want to buy too great of a card if you don't play demanding games.
  2. i'm assuming you don't play video games since you have been using your on-board graphics chip and just want to have a video signal again.

    you can pick up a video card for around $20-30 such as the ATI 3450 or 4350, Nvidia has the 8400GS or 9400GT. Any of the above will do the job for you.

  3. thanks guys ,,
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