Good combo?

check out neweggs combo located here:
im going for a good gaming computer that will be able to hold alot of data and will be able to be used for the next 4 years
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  1. Somebody here, batchuka immediately comes to mind ,will be able to build something better no doubt.
    You like that case?
    No offense! but dogs might mistake it for a fire hydrant lol!
  2. ok what build would you go with for that price that has more performance
  3. If gaming is what you are after this will beat it. Faster in most other things as well. Total is $1079.89 with $45 in mail in rebates.

    Antec 902:

    Sapphire Toxic 5850:

    Corsair 550VX:

    4gb GSkill Ripjaws 7-8-7-24:

    Gigabyte P55A UD4P:

    i5 750 :

    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus:

    Even at slower stock speed and with fewer cores the better architecture of the i5 makes it faster in just about every real word application. Thuban is faster in a few synthetics and that is about it. The i5 also keeps scaling as you overclock and the Thuban hits a wall around 3.4-3.6 and stops improving. Even the Phenom II 9xx series are better gaming CPUs.,1396.html?prod%5B4081%5D=on&prod%5B2884%5D=on

    I am no fan boy either way but at $200 i5 wins. AMD is great for budget systems. I am building my sister an X3 440 system right now.
  4. that build does not include a hardrive?
  5. ehh looks like a good combo although in some tests and benchmarks a phenom X4 is better in games than the X6
  6. WC Aftermath said:
    that build does not include a hardrive?

    Ooops :D

    Sorry about that. Here ya go bang for your buck out there.

    So add $54.99. Even then that combo only had a build has a 5850 Toxic for $50 more.
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