Video card crashes computer

My computer crashed and before it did it froze and was showing black stripes on the blue HP start up screen an visa versa when the micro soft black screen was starting up. I thought my video card was starting to go out awhile back. would this cause it to crash? I can't even get it to start up in safe mode. help
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  1. First of all try to boot without the GPU. Then try with a different PSU. It could be either of the two.
  2. Have you got onboard graphics? If so, whip out your GPU and see if you can boot. If you have a spare graphics card try that also and see if anything changes. A faulty or failing graphics card can sometimes cause your computer to crash or not boot, though sometimes the computer will actually boot up but you can't see it due to the failing card.

    Can you try the card in another machine?
  3. Thanks, I will give it a try!
  4. It was my Video card! Thanks for your help! BTW, if this happens to anyone in the future, make sure to do the custom install on the software. I got an ATI card and when I installed it, it messed up my sound card driver by installing an HD driver, it took me awhile to get it fixed. Uncheck the HD Sound Driver install , it will save you a lot of head aches.
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