4650 will fulfil my needs???

i got an oldie goldie rig with specs as follows:
Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
2 x 512 MB DDR memory
Asus P4S800D-X
Geforce MX 4000 (i am truly ashamed of that) ;)
450 watt pSU with 18amps at the 12volt
AGP slot

Now i want to replace my GPU and my needs are not that great.
I am a casual gamer. But gaming in my terms is to play the heavy games at low res (1024x768) . I am also willing to upgrade my ram to a minimum of 2 GB.
So will 4650 will fulfil my needs or not???!
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  1. with an AGP slot you don't have many choices, the 4650 will obviously open up more games for you to play at your resolution.
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    To the OP:
    I agree that the 4650 will be just about right if you want to stick to your 1024x768 display and the the additional RAM will help a lot too.

    For a little more, you can get the HD 4670, its one of the choices among the AGP Video Cards here:
    Would be handy if you upgrade to say a 1360x768 display later...
  3. ok i got it i am going out with 4650 cause i dont have 4670 AGP available in my country
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