I7-875K memory question

I've ordered an Intel I7-875K and Asus P7P55D mobo. I don't need to oc it but I'll probably play a little with the multiplier to experiment.

I want to populate the board with 4 X 4GB sticks of memory. PC3 1300 memory is the spec'd but is 1600 memory needed if I just increase the multiplier slightly? No bclk tweaking on this project.
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  1. BCLK tweaking allowed even with multiplier changes and using either DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600RAM.
    DDR3 1600 would just give you extra options to play around with if you eve want to move beyond playing with just the multiplier.

    Either one will be fine. If you choose DDR3 1600 your motherboard could choose to run it at DDR3 1333.
    You can just set the memory to AUTO and let your motherboard do the hard stuff figuring which setting it wants to use.
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