Has the BTX case died?

A couple of years ago BTX cases and motherboards were easy to get, now you will have to go out of your way to find them, so the question is has the BTX standard died or is just resting.
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  1. Died for the most part. Intel brought about BTX to help cool their horrible P4s. We don't have a lot of chips anymore that get that hot, so no reason to make BTX things.

    Unlike the move from AT to ATX, BTX is nothing more then ATX parts that are upside down more or less. The BTX motherboards are the biggest difference. Electrically, BTX and ATX are the same.
  2. I also believe that the motivation for creating BTX
    was a lot of ignorance by Intel's staff concerning
    the real cause of all the "PressHot"-related overheating:


    After confirming the defects in Intel's stupid push-pins,
    through empirical, scientific methods, we found this
    $5 part that even allows Prescotts to overclock without


    Lastly, if you look at recent developments by Cooler Master
    and their many imitators, standard ATX systems can be
    very efficiently cooled with proper sizing and placement
    of cooling fans e.g. in the top, left side and bottom panels.

    The latest CM Storm Sniper comes to mind:
    we have one and we love it.

    I believe that simple things were also overlooked by
    Intel's BTX creators e.g. the "stack effect" that results
    when hot air rises.

    Live and learn.

    Nevertheless, I do believe that some of Intel's engineers
    need to re-learn Occam's Razor: the simplest solution is
    the best solution.

  3. The motivation for my question is if you were building a new computer today would you but a BTX case?
  4. No. ATX and simply get a good CPU cooler. These seem to be tower coolers at the moment. If your really worried about temps, make sure your case has good air flow. And that doesn't mean lots of fans. I cringe when I hear people talk of having 8 fans in their case. How in the h3ll is that flow?
  5. Eight fans do seem a little excessive.

    I can however see 7: the four that are in an Antec 900 for example, CPU cooler fan, fan to cool RAM, and fan to cool motherboard chipset. :D
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