New ivy bridge build, my good and new 2.5 drives keep frying

Ok, Here Is the new build and then the issue
i5 3750k
Gigabyte ga z77mx-d3h
8 gb corsair ddr3
Antec 450 watt power supply
Xfx radeon hd6670
Kingwin Kf-252 bk 2.5 dual drive hot swap

Every time I use a drive in the sata/ powered dual drive hot swap, the drive stops working after a couple restarts. I put the drive in an external case and get no action from it at all in my laptop, the drive is dead... I'm trying to figure out what's causing the craziness... I'm burnt out and tried from this build over the last 2 days and I need to get it done. Is it my motherboard? Is it the power supply is it a bad connection???? Help!
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  1. Perhaps your PSU is taking out the TVS diodes?


    ... and (photo clips)
  2. Maybe, all 3 drives worked in the last 2 days but now I cant get any computer to see them. I have tried disk management, bios and i have been trying other machines. I might just get a new power supply just to be safe. I slept like crap knowing that this problem waited for me this morning. If its not the psu, that else might it be?
  3. I'm leaning toward your Kingwin Kf-252 bk being defective.

    For the Powersupply.
    .. I'd check the + 5 V rail. 2.5" drives only use the +5 V (3.5" drives use both the +12V and the +5V.
    To check the +5V and the +12V is VERY simple. Buy a $18 Digital voltmeter from Walmart. Watch a You tube video (can google "how to Use a voltmeter).
    DVMs are very handy, not just for computers but around the home and for cars, and simple to use.
    How simple - With Power turned off. Plug the Black meter lead in two one of the center two pins of a Molex power connector. Plug the red meter lead into the end of the Molex connector that has the RED wire. This is Your +5 V and should read between 4.75 V to 5.25 V. The Other end of the Molex connector is the +12 V and should read between 11.6 V anf 12.6 V.
    Highly recommend you do this before buying a New PSU. If PSU is NOT the problem, then even with a NEW PSU you could end up with the same problem.
  4. The power supply was brand new too btw
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