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Hi guys, I just have a quick question...

My girlfriend's HP PC is in need of some upgrading. It came with only 1GB RAM and Vista 32. Before I met her she had some friend install a 1GB RAM stick, so now it has 2GB RAM but with 3 sticks so it's in single channel mode. I'd like to buy another 1GB stick for her so she'll have 3GB, but my question is can I get dual channel with this combo?

It would be 1GB+512mb per channel... I'm thinking it should work but just wondering if anyone has experience here?

However, I've determined as well that the current CPU is a Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8ghz. I found that the list of compatible CPUs extends up to a Core 2 Duo E6x00 (Conroe) up to E6700, and I might be able to get an E6500 for $85 locally... the concern here is that the FSB of the E4300 is at 800, while the E6700 is 1066. I'm pretty sure her 512mb modules are only 533mhz (and they're Samsung brand lol), but the 1gb stick is a Kingston ValueRAM at 800mhz... There shouldn't be any issues having the 533mhz RAM and a 1066mhz FSB CPU right? I can't edit anything in the BIOS, since it's an HP... I just have to hope it works.

Second Edit: E6500 doesn't have integrated graphics but it appears the P5LP-LE (Leonite) mobo does have GMA950 onboard graphics... so I don't need IGP on the CPU right?
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  1. Hello Wolfram23;

    You're right about having IGP GMA 950 graphics. There are no socket 775 CPU options that do offer integrated GPU on the CPU.
    The HP website is saying the P5LP-LE (Leonite) runs at 533Mhz/800Mhz/1066Mhz, depending on the CPU installed.

    -->But the Wolfdale family of CPUs (like the E6500 2.93Ghz CPU) won't run in Leonite boards.
    Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66Ghz (Conroe) 1066FSB CPU would work - but it's not easy to find and more expensive.

    3GB with 2x1 GB and 2x512MB should work fine. 533Mhz RAM and 1066Mhz CPU is an ideal combination allowing for FSB:RAM ratio of 1:1. Both the RAM and FSB are running at 266Mhz electrically.

    Running CPU-Z should get you the correct RAM info on what you actually have installed.
  2. Thank you for the information.

    One question tho, according to the HP site on the mobo ( ) it states that it's compatible with "Core 2 Duo E6x00" so I'm confused why the 6500 won't work (although looking at the Leonite2 it does say Conroe). I'm not sure exactly which version of mobo she has, it's definitely that ugly puke-yellow colour tho.
  3. Any .45 nm wolfdale cpu (which the e6500 may be) won't work on the 945 chipset. It's too old. Older .65 nm cpus may work. It's tough to match cpu upgrades with oem boards; hp and compaq will give you some listings, but their are 2 versions of the 6xxx cpus.
  4. Running the CPU-Z program should also settle the question of exactly what motherboard she has.
    Core 2 Duo E6X00 (Conroe) is supported but the
    Pentium E6x00 (Wolfdale) are not.

    Looking at the prices on C2D E6700 2.66Ghz CPUs ($100 used and $150 new) it looks like the best upgrade option might be a new motherboard and one of the Pentium Dual Core Wolfdales which you can then overclock.
  5. Ok thank again. It looks like there's an E6700 for $104 so I'll probably get that. Oh actually they have an E6600 as well, $91. Looks like that should work as well... right?

    I actually was looking at upgrading to an i3 540 on a Gigabyte mATX board and 4gb RAM for like $300 but it's more than she needs right now. It'll cost only $133 for the E6700 and another 1GB DDR2 stick of RAM (Kingston 533)
  6. Pentium Dual-Core E5400 Wolfdale 2.7GHz and an inexpensive motherboard would cost nearly the same - and allow for overclocking which the current MB won't support.
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    Here is a NewEgg combo deal: Pentium Dual-Core E5400 Wolfdale 2.7GHz and BIOSTAR G41D3G G41 Micro ATX Motherboard $109, plus the RAM you're looking at - just the 800Mhz version.
    It doesn't support DDR2 533 RAM so you'd end up with just 2GB of RAM but MUCH better overall performance in spite of that.
  8. Better performance if OCed, right? Any idea how much OCing you can do on stock heat sink? Don't want to throw money at it, we'll probably just replace the PC in a year (she's eyeing macbooks >< ).

    I also just thought of another possible issue. Being an HP, they didn't give her the Vista install CD... when I switched my mobo on my PC (from MSI P55GD65 to Asus P7P55D Pro) Windows 7 decided it was now a different computer and I had to re-validate it... but since she doesn't have the CD I doubt she has the CD Key... which would be an issue.
  9. Better performance than E6700 Conroe even without OC'ing.
    The Vista CD key is usually on a sticker attached to the case.
  10. Wow ok well thanks a ton for all the info! Really appreciate the help.
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  12. I just noticed I linked a combo deal for a DDR3 motherboard... I hope you notice that problem.
  13. I didn't notice that, but it's ok because I wasn't going to order off I live in Canada so it would have to be, but I actually would rather buy locally and it appears (although I'll have to phone to make sure) that they have these in stock.

    $57 ASUS P5KPL-AM-SE S775 INT G31 MATX 1PCI/ 1PCI-EX/1PCI-E-16X, 2DDR2-800 MHZ, 1333/1066 FSB, 2XSATA,LAN
    $52 BIOSTAR G41 M7 S775 iG41, FSB 1333, 2x DDR2 800 2xPCI 1xPCIe16x MATX
    $59 ASUS P5KPL-AM-EPU S775 INT G31 MATX 1PCI/ 1PCI-EX/1PCI-E-16X, 2DDR2-800 MHZ, 1333/1066 FSB, 2XSATA,LAN

    Then they have the E5400 for $70, E5500 $79, E6600 $91, E6500 $83, and E6700 $104.

    The two you picked, E5400 and Biostar mobo would be the cheapest at $122. Plus RAM - either about $30 for 1gb or maybe just go with 4gb and if she wants to upgrade to Win 7 64bit, then it's already good to go.
  14. The BIOSTAR G41 M7 is getting pretty good customer reviews @ NewEgg.
    And they mention that it's also pretty good for overclocking.

    Win7 does pretty well with just 2GB of RAM. I know everyone recommends 3GB or more but it actually does well with 2GB.
  15. Well I really want to get her at the minimum 3gb because as it is, her file paging is going crazy. I'm pretty sure it's just Vista being stupid and trying to keep the RAM open, but with ~900-1200mb RAM usage the FP is up at 1500mb or so. And this isn't even with extended use... All the HDD accessing really bogs her system down. I was trying to get iTunes to work (wierd issue, doesn't even start up) and everything was taking so long due to constant HDD accessing - mostly between System and scvhost or something along those lines. I found 4gb kits, 533mhz for $95 or 800mhz for $96 so that seems like the way to go.
  16. So for around $CAD 217 you're looking at C2D E5400 & BIOSTAR G41 M7 775 MB with 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM.
    I'm wondering now how much more it would cost to step up to Core i3/1156 MB and DDR3 RAM?
  17. I priced it out to a little over $300 for the i3. I think the savings are worth it here, and then in a couple years either I'll get a new PC and give her mine or else at the least upgrade her to a brand new PC. She really doesn't need much CPU performance, she doesn't encode videos or play games... so it just needs to be able to load apps. Mostly she's either on the net/youtube or writing up papers and reading pdfs. We talked about the options last night - either the E5400, or go with a 775 Quad, or else an i3. Decided on E5400 so last night we bought Win 7 64bit and 4gb Kingston DDR2 (800 CL5) and in a month we'll pick up the mobo and CPU.

    Thanks again for the help WR2!
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