Diskboot failure insert system disk and press enter

My problem with windows hanging up when I booted up. I inserted the windows xp professional and began the windows xp repair. When it when to reboot I got the "Boot Failure" issue. I am using a sata drive but I am not using raid. I read the comments about updating the bios and also changing the sata port. Is Asus aware of the new problem. Also, I don't mean to be sceptacle but Microsoft no longer supports "XP" and we continue to receive updates from Microsoft. I hate to think that Microsoft is behind this entire mess because they want us to move over to Window 7. I find it had to understand that so many of us with the same motherboards are suddenly experiencing the same exact problem.
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  1. XP will be supported till 2014. So no worries there. Rather than repairing try and reinstall XP.
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