If an AM2+ MB gets a bios update to AM3Do you have to put a AM3CPU in?

Hi all,

I just updated my Bios for my Foxconn A7GM-S Mother Board to add AM3 support (the link to the one I got below). And as soon as I restarted my computer from the update it has been getting blue screen crashes with the error code 0x00000019, I believe it is six zeros but it is hard to see, every five to eight minutes after starting up to windows. Could it be because I haven't put my new AM3 cpu in?

System specs:

Foxconn A7GM-S MB
AMD Athlon x2 6000+(upgrading to a Phenom II x4 925)
EVGA 9800gt
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer

Any ideas?

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  1. Have you tried a Windows Repair?
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    You updated your AM2+ motherboard to allow it to work with an AM3 chip. But it is still an AM2+ motherboard so the bios update should not be an issue.

    Something else might have changed in the BIOS, they might have tightened memory timings or lowered default voltages. I would try manually setting the memory to a slower speed and see if that fixes the issue. Does it default to too low of a memory voltage?

    Maybe you have to manually set the voltage higher. My motherboard will allow DDR2-1066 but you have to manually set the voltage to 2.1V or it defaults to 1.8 volts and crashes a lot. (What memory do you have? DDR2-800?)

    Another thing to do is review the voltage settings in the bios. I'm not sure what the X2 6000+ uses for default, but it should probably be around 1.3V.

    EDIT: I just found the following:

    The stock voltage for the 89w 6000+ is 1.3v to 1.35v.
    The stock voltage for the 125w 6000+ is 1.35v to 1.4v.

    So if it set the voltage to 1.3 but it is the 125W chip then you might have an issue.
  3. I just down clocked my cpu from 3.1ghz to 2.2ghz, and it has not had a blue screen since. Which was about 5 hours ago. Here is my exact processor that I got from
    Heres the link to the more technical specs for it.

    My ram is a OCZ 1gb.

    I'll look to see what the Voltagis are and change them to stock.
  4. I just went to my bios and my ram voltages are at 1.8 and should be 2.0. My processor is at 1.39 vlts. which where it should be. I'll change the ram voltages and see how it goes.


    My ram is at 1.98v and the only other close setting I can put it at is 2.03v. According to OCZ website it should be 2.0v, but it also says something about "2.05V EVP**". I'm not sure. What does that mean? And after that, is it better to set my ram to 2.03v just under the 2.05v EVP or keep it at the lower 1.98v?

    I also turned my cpu back to 3.1ghz and it hasn't crashed yet.
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  6. EVP, Extended Voltage Protection, means you can set the voltage up to 2.05 without messing up the warranty. Basically it's just sales-speak.

    If it's working at 1.98v I would leave it. (Don't fix it if it ain't broke.)
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