RAID 5 Enclosure Recovery - Recommend some software or help?

Hi guys

Hoping to get a bit of advice.

My startech S354UFER RAID 5 Enclosure has failed in some way.

None of the drives are showing as having failed on the enclosure, and being as they are 4 drives less than 3 months old, I would hope not.

Suddenly the enclosure drive (D:\) shows up in Windows as needing formatting.

Maybe the ESata card failed, so I connected it via USB and it still shows as D:\ needing formatting now.

I believe the data must still be there, but I don't know how to recover it.

I've tried a couple of pieces of software, but you cant access a RAID5 array as it expects you to specify multiple drives, but the enclosure makes all the drives just show up as one drive.

So I need either a bit of software which will allow me to look at the data in this way, or I guess I would have to take all the drives out, put it into a computer and use the software to build the array maybe ?

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. R-Studio can recover RAID5

    EaseUS Partition Master ( ) Can recover raid 5. There are many other tools out there as well, most are not free.

    This can be done for free with a live bootable linux USB, bash terminal, XOR, dd, losetup, fdisk, and mount. (and a whole lot of reading and patience.)

    One problem with RAID 5, you cant make any changes. the recovery setup must be the same as the initial setup. there is no fault tolerance or slack with this.
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