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I've recently upgraded my CPU from a Phenom X4 9600 2.3 GHz to a Phenom II X4 940 BE and my video card from a Geforce 9800GT to a Radeon HD 5770.

My computer was having a problem where it turns off all of a sudden while I'm playing a game.
It required me to pull the power plug from the back and replace it to turn on again.

When this happened the first time, I checked everest for my CPU temps and boy were they off the charts. It was reading CPU - 60C Idle, Cores - 40C Idle and CPU 66C on load, Cores - 52C load.
This is with stock HSF and the termal paste that came with the heat sink.

At first I didn't really cared much for it since everything else was working fine. But one day, when I was playing a game, it went off again so I tried my same method to turning it back on but with no results.
The computer won't turn back on at all, no ethernet light, no fans spinning.

I'm not too sure what might be the problem now and I just hope that it isn't my processor.

Here's my CPU spec from what I can see:

CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition 3.0GHz
Motherboard - Foxconn A7GM-S AM2+/AM2
PSU - Some Brand of 480 Watts
Video Card - Radeon HD 5770
Ram - 4GB of 2x2GB sticks DDR2 800
Hard Drive - Maxtor 500GB 7200RPM
DVD/CD Burner

Any help on figuring out what the problem is would be much appreciated!

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  1. What brand 480W PSU? Not all PSUs are made equal so if you have a cheaper one then its likely to be your culprit or at least not helping the situation.

    Since it wont boot at all, not even to spin a fan i would check the PSU, use this method, if it cant even spin a fan up its totally dead, if it does that doesnt mean its good it just means its at least partially alive.
  2. You need at least 500 watts to power that rig well might be already too late if still alive change psu to a 500 watt Corsair, brand psu are better than cheap local brands

  3. Sorry for the late response, what made you guys think it's the power supply?
    Here's some more info:
    PSU - SunTec 480 Switching Power Supply (Used for 2 years same with motherboard).

  4. A bad PSU causes lots of problems, and its one of the easiest things to check and replace. Do the test i posted earlier to see if its entirely dead.

    A bad CPU doesnt happen too often, they test all of them before they leave and its actually reasonably difficult to kill a CPU if it was working properly originally.
  5. Okay, I'll do the test to see if it's still alive.
    I'll post back when I'm done.
  6. So I've done the test and the fan doesn't spin.
    I guess my power supply is done for.

    What's a good PSU to replace my old one (Is 500 Watts enough)?
    Also, what's a good case for better air flow for a ATX motherboard?

  7. Here is a link that answers your question if a 500w will power your video card.


    Your looking at a bit of money for a new power supply and case. I have the same motherboard as you and a very similar video card. I have this(Corsair 650w) power supply for over 1 1/2 years and strongly recommend it to you. And it would give you a bit of head room. Look at the reviews too. One of the things that I personally don't like slacking on is a power supply because it is the hart of the computer keeping it pumping if it messes up in any way or surges than it can more easily fry a computer component if it is cheap brand.

    Corsair 650wTX------------------------$89.99 mail in rebate is $79.99

    Here's another good psu. Antec 650w--$79.99

    Here is one that is probably right about your minimum power requirements and slightly cheaper than the rest.
    OCZ Fatal1ty 550w ------------------$64.99 mail in rebate is $44.99

    A good case is a Antec 300 it has good ventilation without some of the features that are in the Antec 900, but a great case for the price. I have the Antec 900 and it is great at keeping my air flow. If you don't like the Antec 300 than I would suggest looking around newegg's cases sorted by "Best Rating".

    Antec 300 case-------------------------- $59.95
  8. I've browsed around and I figured this one looked interesting.

    I'm guessing 750W is more than enough for my rig.
    Plus the combo deal makes things sorta cheaper...?

    Thanks for the input.
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