$1000 I5-750 Gaming Build


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Most: Gaming, World of Warcraft specifically with capabilities for modern games as well. I have a home theater projector in the basement as well, so would like the capability to link into that as well.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, mouse, keyboard I currently run with a 24 and 22 inch with two separate WOW accounts on occasion.



PARTS PREFERENCES: For the CPU Intel I5-750 according to this bench it seems like best bang for the buck]


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Not required

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Windows 7, as much performance as possible for the price.
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  2. If you need an OS as well, then you're better off doing a phenom ii x4 build with a 5850. I'd normally be able to get in a 5870, but the combo deals atm are all crappy on newegg.

    OPtical $20

    Spinpoint F3 500gb $55

    Win 7 OEM 64bit $95

    XFX 5850 and Element G case $375 w/ $25 MIR

    Antec Earthwats 650 and Ripjaw 1600 cas 7 $170

    Phenom II x4 955 and GA 790 ud4 $280 w/ $15 MIR

    $990 including shipping before $40 rebates
  3. I appreciate the quick responses, just a couple of questions. The benchmark showed the I5-750 clearly outperforming the Phenom chips is there a reason behind this? and also curious as to why we have to go to AMD when we need to buy an OS, is there a deep discount that i am not seeing. Thanks for the advice.
  4. well in my build, i have the 1055T, a 6 core. the 750 will beat this in gaming, but will lose in most other things, due to 6 vs 4 as far as cores. oc the 1055T a bit, and you have an amazing cpu. and amd is cheaper, thats why if u want the os, you should be going amd. intel doesnt have many good things below the 750 as far as gaming, they are all have integrated graphics.
  5. If I were to go with the 1055T chip would this combo beat the the other one?
  6. no, that mobo is 880g, not meant for what you want.
  7. OP hasn't mentioned any usages that are well threaded so having a 6 core CPU is kinda useless. For gaming, the Phenom II X4's bench better for less money, so that would be the way to go.
  8. yeah, the 955 would be better as far as gaming. but they all have the same oc max point, and for just 40 bucks, i think 2 extra cores aint too bad.
  9. Except that the 2 extra cores won't be used. (The 4th core probably won't even be touched.)

    The other thing to consider with the Phenom II X4 vs. the Intel i5-750 is that very very few games are CPU-limited at reasonable resolutions.

    Here's a direct comparison (no WoW on here, but Fallout 3 should be a reasonable approximation). Anandtech benchmarks. Note that for all of the games except Far Cry 2, the processors are within a couple fps of each other. The load is largely on the graphics card these days.

    Anyway, banthracis' build is very good. I just built a new rig with a Phenom II X4 and a 5870, I get 25-30 fps in Dalaran in prime time, with everything on Ultra. Everywhere else is higher, obviously, and if you want, you can get about 10 more fps by turning shadows to low.
  10. Yer banta's build looks good.
  11. I appreciate all of the help, gave me alot of good stuff to research and think about, if I increased my limit to $1100 could i squeeze in a 5870, and would it be worth it? Thanks again for all of the help.

    you could get that for just 90 bucks more, and yeah, but it depends on what games you play.
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