Question for potentially faulty PSU (please reply fast)


these days I opened an old chinese PSU (labeled as Ever - power) and I noticed a capacitors that look like bad. I'm not completely sure that PSU is faulty (a.k.a. bad capacitors) and because of this i take some photos:

And my BIG question is: do you see anything that may be not OK, especially the marked capacitors that i suspect to be bad?

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. The one in the bottom picture looks like it might be bulging, if any of the cans do not have totally flat tops then they are going bad. Since PSUs are often responsible for issues and you think that this one might be bad i would suggest replacing it with a good quality unit so you have a known good unit to work with and can rule the power supply out as a potential source of issue.
  2. All four of those caps look bad, as does the bigger one in the upper right side just below the heatsink. You can try to replace these caps, but looking at the PSU your better off getting a newer more efficient model.
  3. If it was a decent power supply from a reputable brand, it may be worth fixing if you are able to. But definitely dont use it without replacing those caps.
  4. Get a decent power supply - something like a 400 - 450 watt Antec or Corsair.
  5. Yes those caps are bad. As 4745454b said, it would be a better idea to get a new PSU. If you know what you need then personally I would start looking for one. If you don't know what kind you need I think we can quickly help you if you post your system specs or the PSU specs. Also you probably had alot of luck opening that PSU when you did before it caused damage.
  6. Thank you very much for quick reply. In my two desktops I have Enermax and Corsair PSUs; this one (from photos) is from and old PC (Socket A) which I want to bring to life again. I started to check every single component for any problems, because this PC is really old and I come to this "picture" when opened the PSU. Now when I am 100% sure that this PSU is faulty (thanks to all posts :-) ) I will buy a second hand PSU like Fortron 350W PNF series. Thank you again for really quick reply and have a good day. :)
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