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I had rebuilt my older PC and i am running win xp ultilmate by johnny. it complete done but there is a big problem is somewhere is eating up my Hard drive space (fast) I complete installed two days ago now is complete to 0 byte on my C: drive. It has the same problem before my previous Win Xp too, that why I reinstall the new OS. If anyone has advise please let me know. Thanks advance. :pt1cable:
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  1. There's no such thing as win xp ultimate.


    Your issue makes no sense at all, the way it's written. An OS doesn't start filling up spare space on a HD...
  2. Ok It is just base on Win XP Pro. the problem is after installation the windows. I only use a few times on internet after two days it will appear the low disk space and now my C: drive is 0 byte now. before I had about 1.5 gig left. I hop this make more sense. Thanks adavance.
  3. Well then, I would try installing just WinXP Pro without the "ultimate" additions.

    banthracis, I just googled "WinXP Pro ultimate". It looks like it is a torrent download.
  4. That's what I did before just XP pro but it get that problem then I install a ultimate edition. Does any one think that may cause by the bad video card? I had a used GF 7900gt card.
  5. banthracis said, and I repeat, There ain't no such thing as an "ultimate" edition of WinXP.
  6. Sorry for the confuse. Ultimate just included Nero sofware and adobe reader 9. It is same as windows XP. Just two software pre install after finish install the XP pro. Hope this could help to understand. Thanks.
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